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Nine Days To Evil

Author: Nancy Glass West
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Kevin R. Tipple

10190402For Meredith Laughlin her life is almost perfect. Naive and wealthy, she is for the most part happily married to Dr. Conrad Laughlin, staff member of Methodist University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to his hospital duties, he also sees private and clinic patients at locations some distance from San Antonio. He makes a circuit every week of a different area and uses San Antonio as his center point.

As the book opens, he is on the road to see some of his patients and behind the wheel of his beloved Jag. Despite the thunderstorms in the area, he manages to get through to Meredith briefly on his cell phone. They only manage to connect for a minute or so and then Meredith hears her husband scream and what sounds like the noises of a violent car crash before she is cut off. She reports the incident and initially Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers can't find the car and have no record of a crash in the area. As the hours pass into days, Meredith takes the first tentative steps on a long road in trying to find out what happened to her husband.

For Conrad's partner, Dr. Key Walker, the disappearance ads a tremendous amount of work to his shoulders. In addition to everything else, Walker now has to cover Conrad's patients. Something that would be easier if the files were in the proper order and if some of them made medical sense. This isn't the first time Conrad has done something odd and Key suspects something sinister is going on.

Meredith is also beginning to wonder about her perfect husband. While she knows far less than Key, Conrad's behavior with her has been a little odd from time to time. As she begins to attend Grad School, she starts recognizing that her husband might not be all that he appears to be and that she needs to find him and get answers before moving on with her life.

This is an enjoyable mystery featuring an interesting set of characters at the beginning of what appears to be a series. As the ripples of Conrad's disappearance touch other lives, the point of view shifts between those characters adding further dimension to this cozy style mystery. In so doing, the author creates a fuller, deeper work, while sacrificing none of the plot, pacing, and storyline points that make this novel an enjoyable read from start to finish.


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I want to Kevin R. Tipple for his review of Nine Days to Evil and for your encouraging him to review it.
My website is new and on it, I link to Blue Iris Journal. Can you link to my website in addition to your link to Amazon?
Thank you.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Peaceful
Nancy Glass West

Posted by: Nancy Glass West | Dec 24, 2004 10:40:37 AM

Dear Susan and Phillip at Blue Iris,
My comic mystery, FOREVER FATAL, is available for review. Kevin R. Tipple wrote an excellent review of my suspense novel, NINE DAYS TO EVIL (Oct. 2004). If you will consider FF for review, please email me your postal address to pass on to my publisher. Or if you accept an electronic file of the novel, please advise. FF includes characters from NDE, but it is Aggie Mundeen's wry view of her personal fiasco as only she can tell it.

Nancy Glass West

Posted by: Nancy Glass West | May 28, 2009 11:02:06 AM

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